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Here are the comments we’ve received when asking our customers “Was the correspondence received about your holiday clear and understandable?”. We provide formal receipts, comprehensive arrival details and a full content list to help people prepare for, get to and enjoy their stay.

“Correspondence was detailed, helpful and easily understood..”

“Great - detailed information on everything...”

“It Included everything and it explained it all very clearly...”

“Fantastic correspondence very informative...”

“All well explained and clear...”

“all clear. good to have cleaners number also. (just in case)...”

“Perfect & fast responses...”

“Chris keeps us informed all the time - even when he and Janette are on Holiday. If there is something that you have a problem with or do not understand then they also supply you with a telephone number and are always courteous and helpful...”

“Very prompt sending information out and very clear and friendly instructions with the option to contact Chris and Janette with any questions ...”

“Good clear instructions which I printed off ...”

“Exceptionally clear with no omissions ...”

“Good. Brilliant. 5 Star. Really was the best we've ever experienced!”

Instructions for key collection etc really clear...”


“Every detail was included...”

“Good communication as always. Very clear and easy to read. Very prompt answering any questions too !...”

“Communication from start to finish was as good as you can get...”

“All valuable and instructive...”

“All emails were replied to promptly...”

“Excellent directions and a complete breakdown of the contents and workings of the apartment...”

“Fantastic ! Made our first telephone call to Chris who was extremely polite and obliging...”

“Very concise and easy to understand. All correspondence was kept up to date.”


“Directions to get here and key retrieval easy to understand as was parking permit instructions...”

“Clear and comprehensive access instructions”

“Excellent communication before after and during our stay...”

“Very good...” x 4

“Excellent...” x 12

“Perfect to understand...”

“Website very accurate....”

“Easy to understand and helpful...”

“Everything covered...”

“Very concise and helpful...”

“Very clear...” x 2

“The list of contents for the apartment was very useful...”

“Very prompt...”

“Very good - directions etc clear. Had a little trouble finding keys - very clever...”

“Very good as always...”

“Very useful, thank you...”

“No problems...”


“Clear and concise...”

“Very thorough, lots of information...”

“From first point of contact, excellent service...”

“Very, very thorough...”

“Above and beyond - an excellent 1st class service...”

“Very helpful...”

“Everything explained exactly right, no probs finding the apartment and getting in !”

“Thank you - you were more than helpful and answered our emails straight away - didn't feel like I couldn't ask anything ..”

“Excellent instructions all round...”

“Could not wish for clearer explanation...”

“Any queries I have get answered quickly and satisfactorilly. The information is always useful and detailed.”

“Very concise and easy to understand. All correspondence was kept up to date....”

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Owner: Janette Lee

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