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Here are the comments we’ve received when asking our customers “Was the “holiday pack” useful ?”. In the apartment is a holiday pack that covers the everything in the apartment, Whitby itself, restaurants/pubs and things to do in and around Whitby.

“Very informative regarding where to eat and visit, train timetable was also veryuseful as we used this to plan a day out !”

“Good welcome pack with a few surprises. Thank you !”

“Biscuits were delicious and very useful to have milk...”

“Very helpful...”

“Good welcome pack with a few surprises. Thank you...”

“We like to write in the visitors book but couldn’t find it ?” - it had fallen down the back of the cupboard, we got comments from the guests and added them !

“The holiday pack was perfect start as we never got to Whitby till after 830pm and it really helped us out...”

“Yes indeed. After a long journey all you want is a nice cup of tea - and even better- a biscuit while you peruse all the information that is readily available...”

“It is a very comprehensive holiday pack...”

“A wonderful touch...”

“Very useful...”

“Really useful. Referred to it many times...”

“Contained useful information...”


“Great - very detailed......”

“Very welcoming...”

“Very useful for restuarants/take away information & local taxis...”

“Great information, we used it for menus and places to eat !”

“Arriving late to find milk and biscuits was a godsend with hungry, grumpy teenagers !”

“Used it on several occasions to look up details about the area...”

“Very useful...” x 6

“Brilliant ! Faultless presentation ! Full of all the things you need to know. Extensive...”

“V good indeed ! Great to know the best places to eat, especially take aways...”

“Found it very helpful...”

“Used it a lot and would have been lost without it...!”

“Extremely useful... Everything we needed to know about Whitby...”

“Especially the food menus for take aways...”

“Great for recommendations and seeing menus...”

“Good information and ideas...”

“Good ideas for days out and the menus were really useful...”

“Some outdated leaflets but as general information, good !” - we try very hard to keep things current but it is a massive task and some establishments don’t produce updated literature every year

“It would have been great to have a simple map about getting into the city. Also directions to the closest supermarket/bakery etc” - these are actually in the pack, towards the back

“Useful for things to do, taxis, restaurants, surrounding areas...”

“All the information I needed. Very clear and concise...”

“Very - everything we needed...”

“Excellent...” x 3


“Lots of useful information...”

“Very good...” x 2


“Excellent - some menus slightly out of date...” - we do try and keep things current but it is a major task and things do change

“Didn't use this. We are regular visitors & in Whitby to attend a wedding...”

“List of places to eat could be updated (see Trip Advisor). We've been to Harry's and White Horse and Griffin each of last 3 years - they are excellent...” - Menu is in holiday pack for White Horse & Griffin and Harry's menu is in the drawer due to size!!!'

“Extremely useful, very well researched...”

“Very informative...” x 2

“Good but not needed” - regular visitors to Whitby know the area well but the first section is all about the apartment so is always useful

“It covered everything and more”

“There are even laminated menus from most local restaurants”

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Owner: Janette Lee

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