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Here are the comments we’ve received when asking our customers “Any suggested improvements would be appreciated”. We take a lot of notice of people’s feedback as we want people to keep returning - here are the improvement suggestions.

“perhaps a washer drier instead of just a washer[only a suggestion to perhaps keep any condensation down just a thought]” - we’ll keep this in mind for the future, we have washer/driers in our other apartments and they can be quite troublesome

“Just keep doing what you do !!!!”

“Can you leave me some spending money next time ? lol”

“Sorry can't improve on perfection !”

“Really can't think of a thing at the moment...”

“The only one downside ( and there really isn't any) we could comment about,is that at night in the lounge, it would be good to have another small lamp or light up by the table, as when you sit with curtains closed, it is really dark up that end of the room. We don't like to sit with ceiling lights on when sitting relaxing. But this is not a criticism just a suggestion...” - there is a lamp at the other side of the room and the lights are on a dimmer to try and get the lighting right - we’ll see if anyone else mentions it

“Sorry but I really can't think of anything that hasn't already been thought of ...”

“Would suggest some night lights in the hallway - saves having to put the light on. Would suggest a different location for the key safe.” - night lights are provided in the baby box, the key safe location was defined by the management company

“Plug sockets nearer to the miror for straightening hair” - these were set when the apartment was built we do provide an extension cable in the wardrobe for this purpose

BECAUSE I AM QUITE SHORT I FOUND IT DIFFICULT TO SEE IN THE TWIN ROOM MIRROR - I HAD TOP STAND ON TIP TOE” - apartment redecorated in Jan 2017 and new mirror put slightly lower

Yes - 2 packets of those lovely biscuits  you leave would be an added bonus as they are normally gone with the first cup of tea ! Ha ha !” - what else can we say !?

“It would have been a nice gesture for the travel cot to be assembled - we asrrived quite late. And for the baby bath to be left out. We had to find them from under the bed.” - the cleaner has limited time but we will monitor this for any similar comments, we do detail where to find everything in the content list sent out with the final documentation

Baby bath or bath mat would be useful....” - Implemented.

“The cash safe box is a good idea but could do with being a little bigger to accommodate a couple of iPads (although we did not have any issues)” - noted for the future

“Combination lock or similar on the door since 1 set of keys between 6 was awkward...” - second set of keys now provided inside apartment

“More storage/cupboard space in the bathroom for toiletries...” - extra storage now added to en-suite bathroom

“Could do with a larger green bin for the rubbish...” - have swapped with flat 1 and bin is now collected by council every fortnight

“There are lots of bits and bobs - ornaments etc. I would be happy to loose some of this to make more space. Less stuff in the bathrooms would mean that there was somewhere for guests to put their toiletres rather than keep everything on the windowsill...” - the storage for guests toiletries had got complimentary toiletries moved on to it, this was rectified

“Lighting in the living room either too bright or too dim...” - dimmer switch now in place

“Have you thought about internet access...” - access to the internet is available from many places in town (now mentioned in holiday pack) - currently too costly to implement in the apartment nut we will keep it in mind... Implemented - unlimited free Wi-Fi

“Can’t think of anything except ‘freeview’ - just in case of bad weather...” - there is no digital signal in Whitby until 2011 - we are looking into freesat  - Implemented 2011

“It was so lovely for you to offer and make available all the soaps, gels and baby goods to name but a few. Just a little tip ‘Aldi’ wipes are very good and also cheaper than the top brands...” - we will bear that in mind as we re-stock

“Some food tongs in the kitchen - for turning bacon etc...” - implemented

“Nite lights - would be good in the twin room where our daughter slept and possibly in the hallway...” - implemented

“Carpet shampoo for little accidents...” - implemented - along with shake and vac

“Maybe consider some corner guards on the coffee table...” - available in the coffee table drawer

“A visitors book to sign before you leave...” - implemented

“Put a king size quilt on the double bed - not enough excess for my husband when I got all tucked up safe and cosy...” - to consider later. Cost of bedding to be taken into consideration.

“Possibly light for  key safe or inform people in arrival info if they arrive in the dark to bring a torch...” - handover time is during the day so this should not be a major problem. However, we have put a solar light up for late arrivals and will include details in the arrival instructions

“60s and 70s music please...” - implemented a selection

“More storage in the bathroom - self to put toiletries whilst in shower...” - new shelf unit fitted

“Bolt, high up on the door so little hands can’t open it...” - having reviewed this it’s extremely difficult to fit due to the architrave so will put on hold pending further feedback

“Maybe introduce a freeview box for more choice of channels...” - there is no digital signal in Whitby until 2011 - we are looking into Sky freeview - Implemented 2011

“Maybe add a coffee maker...” - implemented in 2009

“None. Can't fault anything. Perfect....”

“Cheap dressing gowns...” - a good idea but the cost of laundry is high so is just another overhead, will monitor other feedback

“Wine rack in kitchen...” - looking for something suitable

“Plastic cloth to be put under highchair...” - splash mat purchased and now in place

“Measuring scales/measuring spoons in kitchen. Note to use thermostat on boiler instructions. Full length mirror...” - all implemented 2010.

“Availability of summer quilts...” - we would struggle with storage for this, the guests just used the quilt covers, we will monitor this area for further feedback.

“A dryer would have been useful...” - we will look at this when the current washer is replaced

“Some DVD’s for young boys...” - a few have been added, we’ll watch for some others

“A large freezer instead of a dishwasher...”  - not mentioned previously, we’ll monitor feedback as we suspect this could just be personal preference.

“Full size scrabble...” - implemented

“A hook inside the key safe to stop the keys falling out...” - we’ll investigate on our next visit but as unit is sealed this may not be possible.

“Wi-fi...” - Implemented - unlimited free Wi-Fi

“No serving spoons or water jug...” - implemented

“Travel cot could benefit from a mattress...” - it does have one but is only a thin one intended for short periods

“Just right - you have thought of everything...”

“A lemon squeezer and some glass casserole dishes for microwave use would be good, otherwise lots of equipment” - lemon squeezer and glass casserole dish implemented, earthenware casserole dish (microwave safe) already present.

“Broadband Internet...” - Implemented - unlimited free Wi-Fi

“Cant imagine any but I am sure you will endeavour to!”

“Some updates to holiday pack (Whitby Wizard has now gone) but that is all we can think of!” - new leaflets added and Whitby Wizard removed

“For the first time, I bought my electric toothbrush - no 2 pin socket” - the adaptors are in the wardrobes in the box with the hairdryers

“A reading lamp could be quite useful in the corner near the sideboard so you don't need main light on to read” - there is a lamp in the corner and the lounge lights have a dimmer but the combination of these didn’t quite work

“It was quite cold when we arrived, it would have been nice for the heating to have been on low” - we don’t live locally and our cleaner may clean a few days in advance so this is a nice thought but a little difficult for us to achieve

“Some items left in fridge & freezer...” - some people do leave things for the next guests

“Perfect !”

 “Some form of recycling procedure and wi-fi...” Implemented - unlimited free Wi-Fi, Re-cycle bins are on the promenade and in the car park, unfortunately we don’t have any room to store extra bins

“We loved the apartment. We felt the 'Four Poster' was a bit fussy for our taste (over the top) but appreciate this is a personal view...” - just personal taste, no other negative comments so we assume most people must like it

“Couldn't find the tea strainer...” - there wasn’t one but there is now !!

“Nothing to improve on - thank you...”

“None - everything was wonderful...”

“None - fantastically equipped...”

“For us it was absolutely perfect !”

“The only thing I missed was the opportunity to record TV programmes but this is not a catastrophe !” - Good idea, will monitor feedback but look to add this as an upgrade to the current equipment later

“The apartment could not be improved upon, it surpassed our expectations and you thought of absolutely everything that anyone could want !”

“Children weren't as keen on twin room mattresses - possibly just different to theirs !?” -have turned mattresses and will monitor feedback

“None whatsoever !!” x 2

“Don’t know how you could improve on anything !”

“You have thought of everything - can't improve on perfection !”

“Mattresses were a little on the soft side for us” - the mattresses are medium firmness to try and suit as many people as possible, occasionally some people may find them too soft/hard which is a shame but very difficult for us to avoid unfortunately

“Advice about re-cycling would be good” - it is in the holiday pack but we have enhanced it

“Have the step down in the hallway marked more visibly as it blends in ! I missed my footing almost as soon as I got there then later ion the weekend my friend did the same “ - we’ll have a look when we next visit

“There are lots of bits and bobs - ornaments etc. I would be happy to loose some of this to make more space. Less stuff in the bathrooms would mean that there was somewhere for guests to put their toiletries rather than keep everything on the floor.” - most people are happy with the storage and the free items provided, we’ll monitor for other feedback and see what we get back.

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Owner: Janette Lee

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